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Can I leave my dwelling at any time?

- You can of course leave your accommodation whenever you want from the moment you respect the period of notice of one month.

Can I book for a short stay in a GESTETUD residence?

- Yes. Depending on availabilities you will be able to get an accommodation in one of the GESTETUD residences for a short time. To do so, contact the residence in question directly by phone or by mail by going to the contact page.

Housing assistance

When should I apply for housing assistance?

- After signing your lease or rental agreement.

What are the steps to receive housing assistance?

- a double-sided copy of your national identity card, your passport.

- a copy of your valid residence permit in other cases. 

- a statement of banking identity (RIB) established to your name. 

- the rent certificate completed by your landlord.


From when can I receive housing assistance?

- Your rights take effect from the first day of the month following your entry into the dwelling. For example, if you take possession of your accommodation on September 5th, then your entitlement will take effect on October 1st and you will receive your allowance the following month, thus, on November 5th.


What resources should be declared for housing assistance?

- Those of the tenant, and not those of the guarantor (s).

In collocation, am I entitled to a housing allowance?

- Yes, in the same way as in individual rental. The amount of your aid corresponds to the part you have to finance for your housing.

Insurances and charges

Is it mandatory to provide housing?

- Yes. Housing insurance must be subscribed before you move into your apartment. A certificate of insurance must be given at the time your inventory of places of entry is made.

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