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How do I create a file?

Here are the steps to follow to prepare your application.

Take your time if you want to gather all the information correctly.

Once this is done, you can submit your application online by creating an account on the Gestetud website.


To do before :

I'm looking at residences that interest me:

If I need help or further information, I can :

  • fill in the contact form ;
  • contact the residence(s) (Our residences tab).

I prepare my documents and those of my guarantor(s):

⚠️Vous Have you got a flatmate?

  1. I fill in my file and that of my guarantor.
  2. A share link is generated for transmission to my future roommate.
  3. My roommate fills out his file and that of his guarantor.

During the application process

I fill in my information and that of my guarantors . 

  1. I validate my file.
  2. I create my own space if I haven't already done so.
  3. ℹ️ At each stage, you can save your file as a draft and return to it whenever you like.
    you wish.

And then ...


  1. The manager studies my file and I can follow the progress of my requests on my space. When my file is accepted, I must pay the application fee for my reservation to become firm and definitive.
  2. I will receive in due course :
    1. Details of amounts payable (security deposit, 1st rent, utilities)
    2. Electronic lease signature
    3. An e-mail inviting me to make an appointment for the inventory of fixtures
  3. Before I move in, I send my property manager my home insurance certificate.

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When do I have to pay for my registration?

Do you have a question, a need?


Do you still have questions about our residences? Would you like us to help you with the process? Contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will be happy to answer you!


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