Financial aid

Housing assistance

STEP 1: Take an aid simulation to see if you are eligible for housing aid


All of our homes are eligible for CAF. Do not hesitate to make a simulation of housing assistance! It will allow you to estimate the amount you will be able to claim every month.


Make a simulation


STEP 2: Apply for housing assistance


The first important thing to remember is that you should not anticipate your application for housing assistance! You must wait until you have moved in.


When you prepare your file, you should know that the Caf only takes into account the rent receipt corresponding to a full month.


Therefore, if you apply for housing assistance in early September, your entitlement will be opened in October and the first payment will be made in November.


In order to make your application easier, make sure you have all the necessary documents! Download the list here


Apply for housing assistance


STEP 3 : Activate your personal space


Once you have applied for assistance, you will be given a recipient number.
Keep it well, this number will allow you to access your online space!


Please enter your cell phone number to receive the temporary password!

If you don't do it, you will receive the provisional password (valid for 2 months) after 10 days by mail.


Do you have a question, a need?


Do you still have questions about our residences? Would you like us to help you with the process? Contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will be happy to answer you ????


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