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Reservation of accommodation

How far in advance should I book my accommodation?
What documents do I need to put together my rental file?
What if I don't have all the supporting documents at hand?
What is a guarantor?
What is a joint and several guarantee?
Can anyone be a guarantor?
When is my reservation confirmed?
Can I book for a short stay?
Can I choose my accommodation?
Can I make a visit?
I can't come to visit a property

Handing over the keys

How do I prepare for my arrival in the accommodation?
What will I be asked to do on the day I move in?
What is an inventory of fixtures and what is it for?
When should the inventory be done?

Housing subsidies

What is housing assistance?
How much housing benefit do I get?
When should I apply for housing benefit?
What is the procedure for receiving housing benefit?
When can I start receiving housing benefit?
What resources must be declared for housing benefit?
If I share a flat, am I entitled to housing benefit?


When do I have to pay my rent?
How do I pay my rent?
What do I have to pay to book accommodation?
What is the application fee?
What is the security deposit?
Is the security deposit refunded on departure?
Can the security deposit be used as a rent payment?

Rent, charges and taxes

What charges are included?
Do I have to pay council tax?
Is my water and electricity consumption unlimited?

Housing and its facilities

Does the residence lend equipment?
Can I move furniture in my home?
What to do in case of a breakdown or malfunction?

Living in the residence

What do I need to bring for my move?
Can I invite someone?
Can I borrow the common room?
Are the residences secure?
Are the entrances and exits free?
Are the bathrooms individual?
Where can I park my car?
Where can I park my bike?
When is the laundry open?
Are there any rules of procedure?
What do I do if I lose my keys?
Can I receive mail and parcels?

At the time of departure

Can I leave my accommodation whenever I want? What is the notice period?
Can I leave my accommodation before the end of the notice period?
What do I have to do before I give up my accommodation?
Can I return my accommodation without an inventory of fixtures?
I was satisfied with my stay at GESTETUD, what should I do?

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