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Who are we?


Since 1996, Gestetud has been managing quality student residences for short or long stays.
Initially, we offered furnished rentals in Lyon, before expanding to Montpellier and Saint-Étienne. More precisely, a choice of almost 2,000 units in 12 residences.
But that's not what we're most proud of.
Over the years, we've built up a relationship of trust and proximity with tenants/students, parents, schools, partners and owners.
As a result, Gestetud has established itself in the serviced residence market as much more than just a manager of short- and long-term student rentals.

Student accommodation, an asset for your success


First and foremost, Gestetud offers a wide range of furnished accommodation . What's more, we also develop services and guarantee follow-up to make students' daily lives easier. After all, we know that offering a personalized, high-quality welcome helps students to make the most of their studies. What's more, our partner schools are particularly appreciative of the fact that their students enjoy optimal conditions of study and comfort. Partnerships between top schools and our student residences are undoubtedly an asset to a school's attractiveness.


Clearly, parents are reassured to know that their children are perfectly housed, in a healthy, safe and suitable student apartment or studio.

What's more, we're committed to offering the same level of transparency and rigor to the owners of our student residences. In fact, we are vigilant in our compliance with regulations , and assure them of guaranteed rents, no vacancies and the guarantee that their property will be maintained. In short, our organization is unrivalled and rigorous, to make administrative tasks easier.

As a result, our structure is gradually expanding, as we are committed to getting to know our tenants, our schools and our owners, so that we can offer real support. Each residence has a clearly identified on-site manager. That's why we're able to respond to specific and particular requests.

The strength of a team


As you can see, what sets us apart, but above all what drives us at Gestetud, is our sense of community and hospitality. Not to mention the fact thatat Gestetud, all our employees - accountants, sales people, technical and administrative staff - work hard to make daily life easier for our tenants and partners. This daily presence ensures that our service is highly responsive and rigorously maintained.


Our sales department knows the real estate market inside out. This enables us to pay close attention to the match between market and demand. An ongoing sales approach to meet the expectations of our three key contacts: tenants, schools and owners.

The result of this mobilization and teamwork: customer loyalty. Maintaining our partnerships, contracts and relationships to create a bond. Our aim: to attract tenants and partners who share our values.

Strong values, worked on a daily basis



Our student residences in Lyon, Montpellier and Saint-Étienne are designed and conceived to be places for living, exchanging and sharing. Indeed, each tenant is free and independent in his or her accommodation. However, through our various services, we believe it's essential to stimulate interaction and sharing, through sports, cooking, entertainment and everyday tasks.



The modern, well-thought-out design of the furnished flats and studios and the care taken with the furnishings are proof of our focus on quality.


Through advice and suggestions, we invite our tenants to adopt sustainable practices (energy saving, water saving, soft mobility, etc.). What is good for their wallet is also good for the planet.


These are the values of respect, well-being and listening that we develop on a daily basis through our presence in the residences.

Our commitments


First and foremost, to be more than just managers of student residences. We want to position ourselves as the facilitating link for our tenants, partners and schools in Lyon, Montpellier and Saint-Étienne, and for all our owners.



First and foremost, to be responsive and attentive; but also to ensure an ongoing sales approach, as well as guaranteeing the quality of our residences and the safety of our residents, and finally to make everyday life easier for tenants and owners.


A housing solution is waiting for you!


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Gestetud in a few figures is :









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Would you like to join Gestetud, a growing and forward-looking company?


Are you a developer? Are you looking for a manager?


Our experience in the real estate sector enables us to get involved right from the design phase of a serviced residence, to validate or reject the project and implement a partnership to develop the best strategy.


Rigorous operating manager


Our areas of activity :
Project feasibility :
  • Market research: analysis of the site and its potential
  • Validation and recommendations


Development assistance :
  • Definition of the legal and administrative framework
  • Product and equipment definition
  • Monitoring the quality of services, from reception to operation


Operation and marketing :
  • Personnel management
  • Drafting of leases (commercial and tenants)
  • Implementation and monitoring of services
  • Marketing of residences: internet, mailings, trade fairs, commercial actions for schools
  • Tenant and owner management