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Here are some simple gestures to help you reduce your energy consumption and thus enjoy a healthy, clean and well-maintained housing.



1. Reduce the use of electricity to reduce its bills


  1. Unplug small appliances when not in use.
  2. Turn off the lights when leaving the rooms.
  3. Choose an appropriate lightning to the use of each room: Adapt the power to the real needs. 
    By thinking well on the functions of your rooms and adapting the power of your lighting, you will realize serious energy savings.
    For example: a place of moving should not be enlightened as much as a work and reading place.
  4. Unplug the largest appliances (TV, computer, ...) when you leave your home for a long time.
  5. Increasing the temperature of the refrigerator permit to save money (ensuring that perishable food is still kept at the correct temperature).
  6. Refrigerator: Defrost your fridge regularly. Do not insert hot food. Permanent operation of the refrigerator motor is a symptom of dysfunction.
  7. Close the shutters during the night. They limit the loss of heat. Likewise the curtains reduce this feeling of discomfort.
  8. One degree less for the ambient temperature of the home represents a saving on the heating bill of nearly 7%! The comfortable temperature is around 19 ° C during the day and 16 ° C at night.
  9. Appliances in standby still consume energy ! The TV set / DVD player / set-top / computer / stereo system can absorb up to 100 watts per hour, for an annual power consumption of about €80 (536 F), based on a 21 hours standby period per day. 
    Simple gestures: For devices whose connection can not be grouped, the purchase of a power strip with a switch button will eliminate these unnecessary consumptions.



2. Reduce your water bills


Simple gestures: Did you know?


  1. A shower consumes 15 liters of water while being economical (for example by closing the tap while soaping) and more than 60 liters if the water is allowed to run continuously.
  2. A bath consumes about 150 liters of water.
  3. For small uses (washing hands, brushing teeth, ...) do not let the water run out continuously.



There are no small leaks! 


  1. Small drip 0.5 liters / hour ie 5 m³ / year
  2. Tap which drops 1.5 liters / hours equals to 15 m³ / year
  3. Light flushing of the flushing or water heater (safety group) 3 liters / hours ie 30 m³ / year
  4. A flush water flowing consumes 30 liters / hours which equals to  250 m³ / year



What a pleasure to be at home ! On average, we spend 80% of our time in it.
Yet, housing can be a major source of pollution, as dangerous to health as it is to the environment. A few simple gestures hopefully allow to enjoy a healthy and comfortable accommodation.


1. Indoor air quality


    1. Ventilate / aerate : an essential gesture for a healthy indoor climate. Aerate at least twice a day for 15 minutes by opening the windows (remind to turn off the room heating during this time). In winter, do not exceed 2X15 minutes of ventilation a day: this allows to renew the air without cooling the walls (think to also turn off your radiators during this time). 
      Ensure a permanent ventilation of the entire housing is essential = Do not obstruct the CMV and ventilations.
    2. Do not smoke, especially inside. If someone smokes inside, ventilate intensively for at least 30 minutes after smoking
    3. Avoid excess moisture in the dwelling. Ventilate more after activities that produce a lot of moisture (kitchen, shower, etc ...)
    4. Avoid the use of perfumes and deodorants. Open the windows, the outside air remains the best remedy against bad odors.
    5. Avoid the use of insecticides in the dwelling. These products contain VOCs and substances that are harmful to health. (Some plants act as insect repellents).



2. Good gestures for clean accomodation


  1. Use cleaning agents properly. Exceeding the recommended doses does not improve the quality of the cleaning ... Follow the instructions of use (mixing different products can be dangerous) and do not exceed the doses indicated, especially for concentrated products.
  2. Vacuum the mattresses every time the season changes. Mites are microscopic animals. They hide readily in bedding, carpets and some are responsible for allergies to dust.
  3. Unclogging without polluting : Chemical releases are particularly toxic and dangerous. In case of blocked pipes, suction cups, pumps or spiral cables often permit to solve the problem. Otherwise, use an organic product, based on bacteria and enzymes that will do the job without intoxicating you.


If you have any questions, your residence managers will be at your disposal.


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